EA Sports: The Relegation Battle From FIFA 15

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There’s always one. Destiny is a balanced game, overall, but Bungie seems to like to throw some items into the mix that are just dominant enough to make you feel like you’re cheating. The new “House of Wolves” expansion dropped last week, and with it, a whole new suite of exotics weapons and armor. One of them has emerged juggernaut du jour: the “Celestial Nighthawk.”


The ‘Celestial Nighthawk’ is a hunter exotic helmet geared towards the gunslinger class: it switches up the gunslinger’s “golden gun” special by limiting it to only one shot, but multiplying the damage that one shot does by six. 


Bungie calls it the “big Game” perk. In PvP, it’s not good for much. But in PvE, you’ve got possibly the most effective boss killer that the developer has thrown our way yet. See it in action here, as a hunter uses it to destroy Crota, the hardest pre-House of Wolves Boss, in just one shot. I’d imagine that three (or six, if in a raid) hunters all with this helmet could annihilate most any boss they faced.


I’m currently rolling with an Acrophage Symbiote, the helmet of choice for golden gun-happy hunter before the Nighthawk. Now, the Nighthawk is at the top of my Xur list, and I don’t think I’m alone.


The Celestial Nighthawk brings to mind Gjallahorn, the dominant PvE rocket launcher that had become something of a white elephant amongst Destny players. Like Celestial Nighthawk, it was an exceptional boss killer, delivering three simultaneous tracking rockets. Celestial Nighthawk is more specific than Gjallahorn — it shines against bosses and ultras — but of course, there’s no reason you can’y have both.


I haven’t tried the Nighthawk yet, but form the looks of that video, it can’t come soon enough — the fact that it looks better than the symbiote is no small bonus, either. What do other people think?