FIFA 15 Defending Tutorial Covering Basic to Advanced Tactics

fifa15coins Date: Jan/07/15 09:25:52 Views: 1230

On FIFA 15 defending is a tricky thing but once you master it your game will go to a whole new level.Thankfully for anyone struggling with defending the good people at EA Sports have released a useful tutorial video in order to help you improve your defending.

With regards to tackling, the suggestion is that you should only tackle when you need to and try and stay on your feet as often as you can. The best thing you can do is not to rush win, watch your opponent and then time your tackle so you just step in and take the ball. When the ball is out wide use the jockey function to track your opponent’s run and ensure that you can block their cross.


EA also advise to use the team-mate contain option in order to close down a wide player whilst you mark a man in the box but offers the warning that if you use that function too often.


The final bit of advice is if you’re still struggling then experiment with custom formations and tactics.