FIFA 15: EA's Helpful Tutorial Video Demonstrates How To Use The Different Shooting Styles

fifa15coins Date: Feb/15/15 04:11:15 Views: 1263


The general idea hasn't changed much over the last few iterations of the FIFA series in terms of controls, but there are a few details that can make the difference between blasting wide and sinking your shot.


In particular, the video focuses on the different styles of free kicks you can take in FIFA 15. The Power Free Kick should be used from range with a strong distance shooter. You use LB/L1 to drive your kick forward, and should aim inside the near post. The Dipping Free Kick is meant for putting your shot up and over the wall, able to rise and then fall from a closer range. You need only to use the shoot button, and to hold your stick forward to get the ball moving upwards.


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The Driven Free Kick uses the same technique as the Power method, but is meant for closer range. Ideally, using less power will hit the ball straight along the floor and under the wall, which is likely to jump out of the way. 


The Curled Free Kick is a popular one, meant to swerve the ball around or over the wall and inside the near post from a medium range. You should use an opposite-footed player (right-footed player shooting from the left and vice versa) for these unlike the other types. Aim to the middle of the goal at the edge of the wall, but pull your stick in the opposite direction to curl.


The video below demonstrates all of these, so check it out if you need pointers, and practice in the arena.