FIFA 15 - Enrique: Barcelona win Focus

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The coach said that winning streak let the players more confidence.

This weekend, Barcelona will be at home against Malaga coach Enrique stressed the importance of the game.


Against Malaga

"The challenge is to restrict their opponents to attack simultaneously to create scoring opportunities with this outstanding team game, once mistakes, very serious consequences."

"Onto the top of the table is not only relying on ourselves. We have to win the game, and then look at the other team's victories."

"The players are accustomed to playing a game every three days. We have to pay attention to every game victory."


Important stage

"The most important stage is already in front of us every season, including the league and cup, but if performance is not good before, we would not now ranks in the title race."

"Things are getting interesting, we are now in good shape."

"We have to deal with many games in a short time, so I have to remember a lot of things. But now we have to focus on this next game, because this is our only way to control the current."



"Streak let the players very excited, so that they have more confidence."

"I want to win every game and every tournament. We will try to do that."

Recalling the first time this season against Malaga

"Malaga did well, we have almost no chance, their defense is very good."

"They are very well limit our play, the game is very difficult."


About Vilanova

"Unfortunately failed to work with him. Everyone knows this is a huge loss, he is a very good man. His professional affect the whole team."