FIFA 15: Erie Yarra perfect record this season

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Only signed a short about the Chelsea captain John - Terry lifted his first trophy 15 - League Cup, he said, "I want to fight for the future of their families."


John Terry reveals that uncertainty of Chelsea extension spurs on club captain following Capital One Cup success The joy of victory: Sunday, Terry among the crowd raised again lifted the trophy


Although John - Terry had already indicated that he would end his career at Chelsea, but he said the recent state of the reasons behind the peak again, the surprise is that his power is derived from a kind of uncertainty, about yourself at Stamford Bridge future uncertainty.


Although Mourinho has said Terry will renew for one year, let him next season to stay in the team, but the 34-year-old Chelsea captain said there was no sense of security about the short but let their mentality The change "Uncertainty makes me a more positive attitude, with increasing age, you can no longer get about four or five years.


Because the role of the exchange of the negotiating table, the club now mastered the right to speak," Terry said: "But instead inspired me, and I want to fight for their future, for the future of the family and struggle and prove people wrong, my motivation is from here.." Terry said he even considered retiring after the end of the season, because he wanted Jiliuyongtui. But now his goal is to be the last two seasons playing for Chelsea.


Two years later, he was 36, when he will be able to AC Milan Maldini and Costacurta standing shoulder to shoulder, the effectiveness of a team for many years to become a model. On Sunday, Terry manifested in the League Cup final is outstanding, he scored the first goal and won the best player of the finals, raised his hands as Chelsea captain's first 15 championship trophy.


Two years ago, nobody could think Terry can return to peak again, when he lost the main position in the hands of Benitez, also bid farewell to his international career.

"I do not know how long I can still play," Terry said.


"Of course a few years more to play better, but if this is my last season, I hope I can have a bright future.


"The coach came to me and let me sit down, and then to me that if I work hard enough, they will play more a year. But if not, then there are a lot more behind young players waiting for the host."