FIFA 15: FUT Price Ranges Analysis

fifa15coins Date: Mar/12/15 04:18:30 Views: 1199

You must hear the breaking news from FIFA 15 that they introduced an important new feature called Price Ranges to FUT Transfer Market. With this new feature, they want to create a fair enough trading environment through the set highest and lowest prices. But as for me, it seems irreparable with this pricing limits.


For about 3 weeks, we saw what FUT would be like with no autobuyers, but with a caveat. Although all cards listed couldn’t be bought up before they ever saw the light of day, as we were still dealing with out of control prices brought on by years of: nonchalance, apathy, ineptitude, inattentiveness, indifference, idleness, indolence and inert behavior by EA.


The inmates were running the asylum, which if you weren’t part of that anarchy, you had zero chance of ever buying a player for less than the going rate, had little to no chance of packing star players, as EA tried compensating for their earlier mess-ups by putting shocking players in very pack, could buy Fifa coins on the cheap, but so could everyone else, making it beyond easy and very inexpensive to buy unrealistically incredibly great squads.


Now, those not part of said, still have zero chance of ever buying a player for less than the going rate, have a slightly better chance at packing great players, won’t be able to buy coins on the cheap.


Trading has been a hopeless cause for years, but if this goes a planned, that will not be the case next season. It will finally become a market where the more you know about it, the more coins you can make.


However, it is something need to happen. Maybe with this Price Ranges, every FUT 15 player could be able to get what they want in the transfer market with the limited prices.