FIFA 15: Improvements Rekindle Pro Clubs Game

fifa15coins Date: Mar/06/15 14:29:53 Views: 1121

With so many people playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, how many of you are playing the enjoyable FIFA Coins Pro Clubs game mode? FIFA 15 Pro Club is fast-paced, arcade-like and competitive. Because it is Pro Club, it is more professional. However, it does have something to polish and get an improvement. Thus, FIFA Pro Clubs can become one of the most popular game mode.


Pro Clubs needs to feel unique in the sense that the club you create actually needs to belong to you and your friends, and through allowing players to create their own kits and badges this would bring the idea forward.


On the other hand, for the less competitive Pro Clubs teams, most of them would like to see the option to play friendly matches, instead of having to play through Seasons and tournaments with the threat of relegation and elimination respectively.


This feature was removed when Seasons was added, but its return wouldn’t hurt the game mode in any way and ultimately its better off being available than not at all.


The AI-generated players in Pro Clubs are extremely awkward to using if you’re playing in the “Any” slot for your team, and even though EA does this to encourage you to play with full XI player-controlled squads. The game mode would benefit gameplay-wise if they introduced the ability to purchase real players in the game in a similar feature to Ultimate Team.


It is actually quite funny that Pro Clubs relies heavily on physically stereotypes during player creation, but there are both pros and cons in doing so.


The general consensus in the game mode is that small players are fast and weak, while tall players are slow and supposedly strong. This is obviously not the case in the real world although it is necessary to distinguish the different play styles of players of different builds.


However, they need to be more closely balanced in my opinion to reflect the competitiveness of the game. You rarely see a player taller than 5ft 6’ in tha game as anywhere above that height makes them particularly slow and sluggish.


Overall, FIFA 15 pro clubs can be better if improved. It gets the potential to be the most competitive mode in FIFA 15.


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