FIFA 15: Ma Ying-jeou will kick Barca midfielder accustomed noon kickoff

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Enrique said that while Busquets injury, but midfielder Javier Mascherano competent job.


Beijing at 19:00 on March 8, Barca will face Rayo Vallecano at the Nou Camp. Because Real Madrid have been the end of the game earlier 0-1 loss to Athletic Bilbao, so long as the winner will overtake Barcelona in the standings. Before the game, Barcelona coach Louis - Enrique reporters attended the reception. Enrique says Barca down very clear, we must concentrate on their work.


Rayo Vallecano threat

Enrique spoke first opponent: "All opponents has its own characteristics, and Rayo Vallecano is one of the most teams in our league, they are one of the few brave enough personality to challenge rival teams, us. am looking forward to the game. "

Enrique went on to say: "If we suppress Rayo Vallecano with the attack, but we did not play the best level, then we will be in trouble if they put the bus, then we will try another solution needs. . "


Parker - Jimenez


Enrique Jimenez spoke rival coach:. "I played ball with him, I never thought like him best defender after retirement can be a rich spiritual offensive coach he has in his own The work proved himself, even though the team's budget is not much, he can still get his team to play good football. He is a good coach, he has the potential to teach big clubs. "


Tee Time


Competition in local time at 12:00 on March 8 kickoff, Enrique said this: "The time for us, neither good nor bad, just a little different, it changed the way we are accustomed to working procedures, we are more used to play games at night. Usually at this time we are in training, rather than the game, and now we have to play an official game. "

Prior to kick-off at this time a few games, Barcelona underperforming, Enrique said this:. "If I say, I think the kick-off time is not important, we have to play better if we ourselves perform well, be able to get what she wants, must not have any excuse. "


About starters


When it comes to starting Enrique said: "Busquets injury absence, but we have other players capable midfielder, such as Javier Mascherano, which is the most familiar position Argentines addition, Harvey. Sergio - Roberto and Rakitic can. "


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Rayo Vallecano coach Jimenez at the press conference, said: "We are not traveling to Barcelona, ​​we will face a tough match, we will make every effort to do a good defense and I'll make sure to avoid the failures come all. The best players. This is their home stadium Camp Nou, if we have a player play poorly, then the team will fall short. "