FIFA 15 - Patch Introduces Price Range In The FUT Method

fifa15coins Date: Mar/13/15 02:12:28 Views: 1141

A new update for FIFA 15 improved among other things the "price comparison" functionality in FIFA ultimate team. There are also improvements to the stability of the game.


FIFA 15 has received a new update on Monday, March 9, 2015. The meanwhile fourth patch for the football simulation is available for the platforms Xbox one, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and brings several improvements that are relevant in particular for the online game modes.


Among other things, about some stability improvements have been made and fixed stability problems. There are also new playable teams and the FIFA ultimate team price comparison function has been improved. So to see the owner of the game as of now the highest and the lowest price of a card on the transfer market. All bids outside this price range are now invalid.


Below the complete patch notes:


The teams that have been part of the MLS expansion added – Orlando City and New York City FC - now in the leagues under rest of the world "to find and can be used in push mode and online games.


Stability improvements in EAS FC match day challenges, in Pro clubs, online seasons and FUT Friendship Saisons.


Fixed stability issue when you an escort in the career of the player a replacement.


The problem that some players not could unlock certain boot packages for their Virtual Pro, has been solved.


The name gescouteter players comply with their country of origin in the career mode now rather.


Improved "price comparison" functionality in FIFA ultimate team, when comparing the rates of consumption objects.


Improved transfer market functionality in FUT.