FIFA 15: Price Ranges for FUT Transfer Market

fifa15coins Date: Mar/11/15 02:28:53 Views: 1085

The FIFA 15 game will see Price Ranges introduced in the FUT transfer market, this news broke within the last hour by EA Sports. Just a couple of hours following news about the transfer market closing for a short time and servers being taken offline for maintenance until after tonight, it seems the big change focused on transfer pricing.


Just after 6PM UK time, we saw a message in regard to the FUT Transfer Market and Price Ranges. This included a link to a blog post explaining that the new features would restrict illegitimate fifa coins transfers, make the playing field more level with the high-rated players more attainable by everyone, also it would help FUT gamers get to grips with valuing their club players.


Other notable updates from EA Sports FIFA in the last hour included, “Price Ranges will begin to roll out platform by platform after #FUT maintenance is complete”. The maintenance is planned to end around 9:30pm tonight, March 9 2015. A few minutes after the above message was shared, we heard that “All FUT items will feature a minimum and maximum coin Price Range that they can be sold on the Transfer Market”. This certainly clarified a few things for the gamers.


You can see a number of other quotes left by EA Sports below, which also detail some of the finer information that the players wanted to know. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to leave those comments below.


Price Ranges will be universal across Xbox, PS, & PC. Open bid transfers will be unavailable after it launches. Ranges will be based on analysis of past & recent FUT 15 market prices, and wide enough to enjoy trading. New IFs will receive a Price Range upon release. Ranges for certain players may be adjusted in the future.