FIFA 15: Reveals Premier League, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga Stats

fifa15coins Date: May/25/15 10:36:08 Views: 1072

The biggest championships in Europe are now done and the development team at EA Sports is offering a number of new infographics that are designed to show the player community how they have performed in their simulated leagues.


The official Twitter account of the company has so far delivered detailed stats for the Premier League in England, Ligue 1 in France and the Bundesliga in Germany. EA Sports says that gamers have scored 333 million goals in England with 855 million shots on goal created.


The top match-up for the Premier League is Manchester United versus Chelsea and Diego Costa has managed to deliver the most goals for players. Laurent Koscielny is the most traded players in the Ultimate Team mode for FIFA 15, when it comes to teams from England.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the biggest scorer in France and the most played match is between AS Monaco and PSG. In Germany gamers loved to pit Bayern Munchen against Bayern Munchen with Lewandowski the player that managed to deliver the most goals.


It's interesting to see how the video game manages to create situations that no longer resemble the state of real=world championships, despite the fact that FIFA 15 aims to deliver a faithful simulation.


FIFA 16 will be officially revealed in the next few weeks


EA Sports is determined to deliver a new title in the series each fall and the coming installment will introduce a range of changes without eliminating the classic elements of the franchise.


FIFA 16 has not yet been officially revealed but it will probably introduce more accurate physics and will seek to put gamers at the center of the of the match with better graphics and other tweaks.


Until the new title is launched EA Sports is continuing to introduce new content for FIFA 15, especially the Ultimate Team mode, with more tournaments that give the community access to extra coins and price drops for the most popular players.


The game is also now getting access to Team of the Season packages that highlight the best players have did not get a special version in the previous year.