FIFA 15 Share Have FUT Price Changes been a success?

fifa15coins Date: Apr/27/15 22:43:15 Views: 1057

In one of the biggest changes in FUT history, price ranges have recently been added to the transfer market. Implemented to ease issues including fifa coins selling and price inflation, it was a move by EA that received seriously mixed reviews.


The price ranges now mean that every card in FUT, including consumables, have a range in which you can sell the card for. Gone are the days of listing an in-form for a 150 coin start price, as even with new Team of the Week players there is an allocated price range.


They have certainly had a big impact, although it certainly hasn’t been a seamless transition. Whilst Xbox users are enjoying lowering prices for the top players, Playstation and PC users are facing a number of problems of their own, some of which are arguably breaking the game.


Across all three markets there has been a new phenomenon of extinct players. This happens when demand exceeds supply, so when a popular in-form is released and their price range chosen by EA is too low, there will be none of that player on the market as nobody is willing to sell.


Whilst this is affecting Xbox users with some of the in-forms that have been released in recent weeks, on the Playstation market the issue has developed to the point where even regular high rated cards are no longer on the market at all.


There is clearly still a lot of work required to perfect price ranges, which seem to be staying. Ultimate Team has been the dominant game mode in Fifa’s over the last few years and at the moment it is looking vulnerable. We will go ahead and look through price ranges in detail and what it has meant for those playing the game.