FIFA 15 Share The 10 Players You Should Use From

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The football season is over, and for FIFA gamers, that means one thing: more free time to squeeze every drop out of FIFA 15.


As the dust settles on another long, tumultuous, and dramatic season for the majority of world football, something needs to fill the void between now and the 2015/16 season, so why not pick up the latest FIFA and scrape every morsel of goodness away from it before the game becomes ‘last year’s FIFA’ with the launch of its successor coming in September.


There’s still more than enough time to guide Yeovil Town to the Premier League title, or win the Champions League with a second tier Spanish side, while the Ultimate Team market is ripe for picking up huge bargains as the over-inflated market when the game was released settles down.


Everyone develops their own favourite teams and players, whether they justify their skill ratings and rankings in real life or not. But with each edition of the game, some players lose their sparkle, and new FIFA heroes take their place, while other players are retiring or moving to far off leagues for ‘purely football reasons’… Of course…

This could be the last time you get a chance to destroy everyone with your star man, so let’s take a look at some legends you need to give one last shot at before FIFA 16 is released.


10. Frank Lampard


Frank Lampard was all set for his Premier League finale last season, but a controversial loan move saw Frank Lampard put his New York City FC on ice for one last shot at the Premier League title, ironically won by Chelsea.


He’s always been a lethal, edge-of-the-box finisher in the real world, and on FIFA 15, his 85 shot power, 85 long shots and 87 volleys have proven Lampard to be a solid bet to score some outstanding goals.


The iconic midfielder will still be playable on the new game with NYCFC, but this is your last shot to use him in a Premier League Ultimate Team or season.


9. Didier Drogba


Billed as the return of the king, Didier Drogba re-signed for Chelsea on a year-long deal, reunited with some of his old Blues teammates and Jose Mourinho, and sealed his Premier League career off with the title.


He’s set to leave Chelsea for the final time, and with no current destination for him, this could be the last we see of Drogba on a FIFA game.


The bulldozing striker has proven he is willing to experiment with his future after playing spells in China and Turkey, while MLS team Orlando City failed in a bid to bring him stateside. Who knows where Drogba will end up, so make sure you say your virtual farewell.


8. Andrea Pirlo


Andrea Pirlo is one of the dying breed of classic midfielders, with pinpoint passing and unbelievable composure making up for his age, as he still provides a crucial service to Juventus.


His FIFA stats are also staggering, with 96 vision, 95 long passing, 92 short passing and 92 ball control. He’s a cool, collected character to use though he could be about to start a decline.


The Italian is still contracted to Juventus, though there have been growing rumours that he could join Lampard in New York, while his playing time could be reduced after the veteran just turned 36. His physical stats are declining, with just 33 sprint speed, so could it be the last time Pirlo is truly effective on FIFA?


7. Marco Reus (And Dortmund)


Dortmund were one of the best teams on FIFA 15, with power, absolute pace and all-round skill, but after a disappointing Bundesliga campaign they need an all-round downgrade.


Jurgen Klopp is also departing, meaning Dortmund’s chances of success look slim, though Marco Reus is a shining light. As an individual, he shouldn’t be marked down at all. Reus is a top quality player, but some big teams could be calling, and despite his loyalty, a move might be on the cards.


This is the last time you could get to play as an unbelievable Dortmund team for a long time, so make the most of it.


6. Robin Van Persie


There’s no denying Robin Van Persie was a sensational player at his peak. He dominated for Arsenal and had a remarkable debut campaign with Manchester United, and for that reason, he jumped up to an 88 rating.


Van Persie is one of the top finishers on the game, and with 92 volleys, 91 finishing, 90 shot power and 90 positioning, he’s an unbelievable poacher.


He could stay at United for another season or he could move on to another team, one thing that is for certain is that he will be downgraded so enjoy the Dutch mastery while you can.


5. Juan Cuadrado


Juan Cuadrado has been one of the biggest FIFA fan favourites over the last couple of editions, as a flying winger from Fiorentina with a deadly eye for goal.


His sharp turns, blistering pace and lethal final product saw him become a major force on Ultimate Team, with 92 acceleration, 94 sprint speed, 90 agility and 89 dribbling adding up to create a fine player.


The Columbian is clearly talented, though his January move to Chelsea has seen his opportunities limited. Rare substitute appearances and little evidence of his talent unfortunately mean that he’s likely to be restrained on FIFA 16. Thanks for the good times, Juan, but this could be the end of his FIFA stardom if EA choose to be merciless.


4. Victor Ibarbo


Following in similar footsteps to Cuadrado, Victor Ibarbo is another super-speedy Ultimate Team hero after an impressive spell at Cagliari.


He didn’t have a lot going for him, with his stats only really boasting 95 sprint speed behind his 75 overall rating. But despite being a so-called one-trick pony, Ibarbo has been used all around the world as the ultimate tool to annoy and destroy anybody who dares to opt for a pace-free team.


However, in real life, 2014/15 wasn’t a good year for him, with just one solitary assist and no goals coming for him from 10 games on loan at Roma. He could well drop to being a 74, meaning he’ll be an electric silver signing on Ultimate Team but a lot harder to get a hold of. Enjoy your riotous goal booms while they last, Ibarbo will soon drop.


3. Steven Gerrard


He’s not dying, he’s not taking a one way rocket to Jupiter, he’s not even retiring. The media circus around Steven Gerrard’s Liverpool farewell was incredibly over the top, but it’s hard to argue against him being an outstanding player.


Gerrard is one of Liverpool’s greatest legends, a huge compliment considering the array of talent they’ve had over the years, and this is your last chance to use him in a Liverpool shirt or a Premier League Ultimate Team.


Fans will be able to control him for L.A. Galaxy, and he will be a good addition to the growing list of MLS stars on Ultimate Team, but until FIFA 16, you have the power with Virtual Gerrard to do what Real Gerrard could never do. Win the Premier League.


2. Xavi


Xavi’s departure really is the end of an era. Along with Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta, he created a footballing trinity that crumbled teams with their might. Without him, Messi may not have developed into the player he is today.


His short passing game and cool, patient nature became synonymous with Barcelona’s style, and he helped lay all of the foundations for their success over the past decade.


The Spanish maestro is headed for Qatar to see out his career with one final pay day. He’ll be a big miss for Barcelona fans in the real world, and a noticeable departure from the squad on FIFA 16.


1. Parma


Okay, so Parma are a team, not an individual player, but they deserve the top slot on this list as there’s a strong chance the entire club will be omitted from FIFA 16.


Financial meltdowns and owners’ shady dealings have left the club in ruin, with no guarantees that they will even be allowed to enter Serie A next season.


Parma does not play host to the same calibre of big names from the 90s including: Buffon, Cannavaro, Crespo, Stoichkov, Thuram, Veron and Zola among others. However, Antonio Cassano, Jonathan Biabiany (96 pace) and Silvestre Varela form a potent attacking line-up on the game, and the lack of a once great club such as Parma is a loss.


Use them while you can, and in the meantime hope that their situation is resolved with the club still in tact.