FIFA 15 Team of the Week Offers Wilshere

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The focus at EA Sports might now be on the new FIFA 16, which received a Pele-narrated trailer during E3 2015, but the company is keeping up its tradition of delivering a new Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team in FIFA 15 every Wednesday.


This week, gamers will be able to get access to some of the players who have performed very well during the recent World Cup qualifying matches, with a number of superstars making an appearance.


The attack line of the Team of the Week is spearheaded by Robert Lewandowski, the star of Bayern, who is helped by Kruse and Schurrle, other two top players with solid futures.


In midfield EA Sports has chosen to introduce Salah, Wilshere, Stieber and Junuzovic, all talented players who can both create their own chances and deliver solid balls to others.


The three-man defensive line for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team includes Williams, Boyce and Ghulam.


The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week is Isaksson, who could become a leading performer in the coming season. For once, the substitutes also feature a very exciting player, Ayew, who could soon make the move to the Premier League to show off his skills.


No Ultimate Team details for FIFA 16 have been offered yet


The big unknown for fans is how the developers at EA Sports are planning to enhance their beloved mode, which was not mentioned in the official Electronic Arts E3 2015 press conference other than for some talk about security and safety.


FIFA 16 will be offered on September 24 on the Xbox One, the PC, the PlayStation 4, and older home consoles.


EA Sports has said that it is working to improve all elements of the game in order to add both more realism and keep the matches spectacular.


In defense, gamers will be able to deliver new types of tackles and can also better use their entire team to stop attacks, while short and solid passes in midfield will open up more options.


Inspired by Lionel Messi, EA Sports is also adding no touch dribbling for players who have solid skill and is giving attackers more choices when it comes to the placement of their shots.