FIFA 15: Ultimate Team’s stuck player transfers being addressed

fifa15coins Date: Mar/01/15 04:30:32 Views: 594

If you’re unfortunate to have any stuck or incomplete player (or item) transfers in your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lists, you may get some relief in the next couple of weeks. EA say the problem will be addressed over the coming days.


According to EA, they’ve not been able to look at this issue before now due to “technical” reasons. Now, however, they say it’ll be possible to review the accounts of the “small number of FIFA 15 fans” afflicted with stuck transfer syndrome.


The fact that it’s a small number of players doesn’t really give us the whole picture on how many people are affected by this, as a “small” proportion of FIFA 15 players could easily be in the thousands.


By way of compensation, EA will be giving out “a one-time package of untradeable packs” to those who’ve been hit with this bug. They say various items will be “unstuck” every day over the next two weeks.


Anybody playing on PC should look out for an email to their Origin account. Console players should look to their “EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts.”