FIFA 15 Videos Make You Feel Like The Game More Interesting

fifa15coins Date: Feb/12/15 15:32:45 Views: 1238


Most avid players of EA Sports FIFA 15 will admit that they have a love/hate relationship with the game. The reason for this is that why most obviously enjoy the game and play it regularly, there are those moments that pop up every now and again that make you question your sanity, as the game serves up a slice of misfortune so rage inducing that you become something else. 


We’ve trawled the internet and come up with some of the most hair-rippingly, controller-smashingly, table-flipping disasterous moments that will make any FIFA player’s skin crawl, or just make them laugh if they are into that sort of thing.


FIFA 15 videos that prove the game absolutely hates you.

(if any of the clips don’t play just click on them)