FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Will Present Price Ranges

fifa15coins Date: Aug/12/15 17:31:07 Views: 1431

Since Price Range be released to limit the Coins price last year, Both buyer and sellers have been concerned about the price range of the FIFA 16 Coins. This year, gamescom 2015 has brought us a lot of new features of FIFA 16 which has attracted fifa players' attention. So what will the fifa 16 coins market be in this year?


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Not a surprise but it has been confirmed that Price Ranges will be present in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The confirmation came from FIFA Producer, Gilliard Lopes, and EA Sports FIFA official twitter account via the following tweets:

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Price Ranges

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Price Ranges


Looks like EA wants to be sure that the coin selling business will be history in Ultimate Team 16 and by keeping the Price Ranges intact they might succeed in their quest. Thanks to this the market won’t be inflated anymore with ridiculous prices and many users will be able to buy high rated players without spending millions of coins.


Price ranges can be a good thing but also a bad thing, what is your attitude? Lucky, will continue to provide cheap fifa 16 coins for you.