FIFA 22 Leaked Realistic Details

fifa15coins Date: Jul/22/21 10:57:29 Views: 838

A new amazing "Stadium Lights Intro" feature has been revealed via the gameplay spotlight video.



Paris Saint-Germain home ground, Parc DES Princes, also looks amazing in the reveal trailer.


I always like the Stadium Lights Intro. I remember it from the 2002 FIFA World Cup video game.


I also liked that when the player who sits on the Bench is wearing Jacket. That makes the Bench more Realistic.




The Managers finally will set on the Bench, the same as in real life. That's also an impressive Realistic Addition.




One more thing on the Bench, the players will wear different. Ones with Jackets and ones without. That's also good. Cheapest FIFA 22 Coins


Note: The new addition of players wearing tights under shorts is different from old FIFA games with better and more Realistic Tights.