Goes Live on PS4 and Improves FUT Search Functionality and More from FIFA 15

fifa15coins Date: May/13/15 21:57:21 Views: 1022

Update: EA has added “Origin Login Verification” on PS3 and Xbox 360. Rest of the patch notes are similar across all platforms.


Originally Story: Fifa 15 has received a new update (1.06) which brings a number of changes to the game. The update will hit your download list as soon you sign-in to your PlayStation 4 system.


The size of the update won’t stress your HDD and it is finally improving the search functionality in Fifa 15 Ultimate Team. It also comes with a few stability fixes and other improvements.


You can see the full patch notes below:


  • 1. Improved Transfer Market Search functionality in Fifa Ultimate Team.
  • 2. Added tournament reset ability to address instances of being stuck in a Fifa Ultimate Team tournament tree.
  • 3. Various stability fixes to improve the Fifa 15 experience.


Note: The patch notes are from the PlayStation 4 version of the game. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC users may receive a different changelog.


Fifa 15 was released late last year and we are expecting to see a new installment this year as well. EA has confirmed Fifa 16 and said that we can expect the game during Q2 FY 2015.


We don’t yet know what improvement we will see in the game this time around, but it is speculated that a story mode might be on the cards. Personally, I would love to see some major changes to the manager mode as it has been pretty stagnant over the years.


Fifa 16 is expected to show-up at E3 next month along with several other EA titles.