How to increase Kindness and what it is for in Lost Ark?

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Kindness is one of the four main Virtues in Lost Ark, earned in several ways. Here is a guide about Kindness in Lost Ark and how to get more.



Four key characteristics represent virtues in Lost Ark. They are the following:

  • Charisma
  • Courage
  • Kindness
  • Wisdom





Like other virtues, Kindness has an official description of Kindness and how it is seen in the world of Lost Ark.

Kindness represents your attitude towards other people. The higher your Kindness, the more likely people agree with you.

Kindness slowly increases from the main story quests, and doing the side quests doesn't increase Kindness very much either. An excellent way to increase Kindness is through the Adventurer's Tome. For completing the chapters of the volume, potions of Kindness are often given as a reward.


Increasing Kindness is a reward for correct dialogue choices. Understanding dialogue options can also reward Kindness based on your responses. Focus on each NPC and choose the answer that most supports their ideas. There are also outfits in the store that increase Kindness, but these are just temporary benefits lost when a particular outfit is removed.

Kindness is used to activating certain quests from NPCs. Kindness quests usually involve gathering and doing chores like planting seeds or looking for lost ark items.


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