Lost Ark Guide: Finding the Meaning of Lilies

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The Meaning of Lilies is a common quest in Lost Ark and must be completed to unlock South Vern's daily quests and Una's quests. The investigation is not too difficult to achieve, but some players may find it challenging to find the beginning of the mission or progress through its story. Luckily, the quest objectives are relatively simple and only require players to complete them. Simplified goals in the  Lost Ark are explained on-screen.

Lost Ark Guide: Finding the Meaning of Lilies

To start " The Meaning of the Lilies " in Lost Ark, players must travel to the village of Woodville in Candaria territory in South Verne and speak with a woman named Katherine. Katherine, who works as Lily's nanny, asks the protagonist to visit Haiger Manor and meet its owner, Haiger. Once the dialogue is complete, the Lost Ark fans can accept the quest and begin their adventure. The following step will be to head to the estate positioned on the southernmost point with the Candaria territory map, west of the Neilgarden Valley. The roads will be teeming with hostile beasts and wild animals, but adventurers should be able to race past their 



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After talking to Haiger at his residence and learning about Lily's condition, he quickly travels to Ancient Fall, the place where Katherine moved to. She will then ask the player to collect Magic Construct Fragments × 10, dropped by Magic Construct mobs that spawn in a clearing northeast of Katherine. After collecting enough Fragments, return to the manor to give Lily the quest Lost Ark items.



How to complete the meaning of lilies in Lost Ark?

Once the players try to interact with Lily again, Haiger will reveal that his daughter likes "beautiful fish" and ask the protagonist to catch one. This quest-related fish can be detected at the fishing spot south of the Ruined Ancient Ruins in Candaria Territory. Return to Ancient Fall and drive back to the estate to present Lily with the fish in the  Lost Ark . Exhaust the dialogue with her and Haiger to get the task to find the statue hidden somewhere in the northern parts of Canaria territory.

Finding the "Statue Left by Haiger" can be tricky, as the figurine can spawn randomly in multiple locations. However, one way to quickly locate the statue is to head to a specific place in East Wishnel Village and change channels until the quest item appears. After finding the figurine, return to Lily and Haiger to complete the story. Katherine will move to the estate for a final request, asking the player to head to the statue in North Woodville Village and pray to Lily and Haiger's monument. Once this is done, The Meaning of the Lilies will be completed, and players will receive the rewards for the  Lost Ark quest.