Madden 18 News: Get Coins From Trading In Auction House

fifa15coins Date: Sep/15/17 13:53:48 Views: 1426

"Madden NFL 18"brings its share of innovations to the long-running football game franchise, and developers have already talked about one of the additions set to be featured.



In addition to playing game, another way to get coins is to work the Auction House. By this I mean try and buy cheap players and sell them for more, or sell as many excess items as possible for as much as you can.


For example, if you have just gone through all three "The Gauntlet" Solo Challenges you’ll have 63,750 coins and 4 pro packs. With those coins you could buy 8 more pro packs so you’d have 12 pro packs worth of items. All of those individual items will make you a profit when/if you sell them.


What you should do once you have all of these players is search for them all in the auction house and see what they are going for - you'd be surprised how much you can get for low rated items - and then list your item at a similar price.


You’ll have a total of 120 items from those pro packs, so if you sell all of them for an average of 1000 coins you’ll be sitting pretty with 120000 coins, which is enough to seriously upgrade your team.


Though these methods can be a grind, if you really enjoy the game it is fun - and it’s a pretty good excuse to spend countless hours on the game. 


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