Madden 18: Story Modes Have Become More Common In Sports Franchises

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In Madden 18, it's worth mentioning that the story mode Longshot, this is a story about getting to the NFL, according to Mike Young. As this game's creative director, he added: " our philosophy was a playable movie, versus, like a career mode with cutscenes." Though story modes have become more common in sports franchises lately, Madden 18 is offering a unique NFL experience. 



Longshot could be an interesting addition to the game. Sports games are addictive and they bring gamers together to compete. The new Madden 18 have a new story mode, following the successful Madden series in its attempt to summon real drama out of digital sports. Good website like U4GM brings viewers up-to-the-minute breaking NFL news as well as features a combination of headline-making interviews and a discussion of a wide array of issues in the areas of sports, news and entertainment, click for souce


EA Sports have launched the mini version of its premium NFL video game three years back and since then its massive hit. As true for all other mobile video games, Madden NFL has a few excellent tricks which may make the game enjoyable. EA sports are attempting to enhance the miniature game with each new version introducing an increasing number of features. Exactly like a real game, patience, hard work and also appropriate approach are keys to victory in video games and that is the case for Madden NFL also. 


The most recent attempt comes in the form of Longshot, the brand new story mode included in Madden 18, one of the best things about Longshot is how it teaches the basics of football, which allows the player to inadvertently learning about the sport. At U4GM, we have changed, we are a professional madden 18 coins store, provide cheap coins and in-game items online. Now, we give players incentives to play consistently, and let's join the world of fantastic football .