Madden NFL 18 - The Top Five Wide Receivers

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Little by little Madden 18 has revealed the ratings that players will have for this next installment. But maybe few positions will be as discussed as the wide receivers, because to the surprise of many, Antonio Brown is not number one on the list.



These are the five best wide receivers in Madden 18


5. Dez Bryant - Cowboys - 91 OVA


The list starts with someone who has generated criticism while being and not being in the top 5. On the one hand, there are those who think that people like Mike Evans or DeAndre Hopkins deserved to be here, but there are many others who still consider Dez an elite WR. A Bryant plays against his speed of 89, although that is forgotten when he has 97 of Spectacular Catch and Catch in Traffic.


4. Odell Beckham Jr. - Giants - 93 OVA


Yes, for Madden, Odell is not even top 3. It is true that Beckham Jr. has 99 in Spectacular Catch, perhaps for most should have better speed rating and no one would be offended with a point more in agility. However, winning those points in Madden is not easy either.


3. A.J. Green - Bengals - 94 OVA


By reflectors, it could be very questionable that Green is above Bryant and Beckham Jr., however, no one can deny the qualities of Green, who often makes see Andy Dalton as a more accurate QB than can really get to be. A.J. has a jump of 97, coupled with his height, make it virtually impossible to cover, the 94 in agility is short for what we have seen him do before reaching the end zone.


2. Antonio Brown - Steelers - 97 OVA


Incredible but true, Antonio Brown is not number one. The explanation because that is in things that might not matter when playing with both, however, they do for our ranking. Brown has Speed 92, 98 in Agility and 98 in Catch. It will be a difficult force to stop in the field.


1. Julio Jones - Falcons - 98 OVA


The best receiver of all Madden 18. Julio has practically everything and it is not for less after the level shown last season. Perhaps in tastes break genres, but no doubt, Jones deserves to be in the position of honor. 94 in Speed, 98 in Catch and a powerful 84 in Spin Move and Stiff Arm.


Ratings of other wide receivers in Madden 18


DeAndre Hopkins - Texans. 91 OVA

Jordy Nelson - Packers - 91 OVA

Mike Evans - Buccaneers - 90 OVA


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