Player Ratings Leaked Ronaldo Better than Messi with FIFA 16

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The most heated rivalry in FIFA just got a little hotter. The anticipation for FIFA 16 is on a steady rise, and clearly, the most important feature fans anticipate is player ratings. In a recent gaming event in Madrid, fans were graced with the first “El Clasico” for FIFA 16. The gaming preview put up Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona against each other.


In the match-up, stats were shared with those in attendance.


Below are stats for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, respectively.


  • Real Madrid
  • Casillas (84)
  • Carjaval (80)
  • Ramos (87)
  • Pepe  (83)
  • Marcelo (82)
  • Kroos (87)
  • Modric (88)
  • Bale (87)
  • James (87)
  • Ronaldo (93)
  • Benzema (86)
  • Isco (84)
  • Lucas Silva (75)
  • Arbeloa (79)
  • Illarra (78)
  • Jesé (75)
  • Varane (82)
  • Coentrao (79)
  • Keylor (78)


FC Barcelona

  • Bravo (84)
  • Alves (83)
  • Piqué (87)
  • Mascherano (83)
  • Alba  (82)
  • Rakitic (83)
  • Busquets (86)
  • Iniesta  (90)
  • Messi (94)
  • Suarez (89)
  • Neymar (88)
  • Xavi (87)
  • Ter Stegen (82)


Most notably, we see the ratings for the two best players in the world i.e. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi completed another historic treble lifting the Spanish domestic cup, La Liga and the most notorious of them all, the Champions league. He lead the lethal attacking trio, MSN aka Messi, Suarez, Neymar, to scoring over 100 goals between themselves. Deservingly, Messi will be the best in FIFA 16 rated at 94 and Ronaldo will be bumped up to 93.


Featuring improvements in functionality as well as for the first team allowing the play as the International female teams, FIFA 16 will be released September 22nd on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PC.


As the release gets closer, more statistics about the players will be added with the most important information for a lot of fans being the score updates for each football player.


Team scores will affect the value of the player to the Ultimate Team. As these scores are updated based on the players real-life performance, it’ll be interesting to see who gets an increased score or whose performance drops.


What are your thoughts on the new player scores, are there any surprises? Let us know your thoughts.