The FIFA Code of Ethics Was Approved

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Ethics Committee submit the proposal regarding FIFA Code of Ethics. The current version of the FIFA Code of Ethics was unanimously approved, and be considered to be one of FIFA sign of progress. It is obvious that people pay attention to the FIFA Code of Ethics.

FIFA Code of Ethics


FIFA fully supports the initiative to further enhance the FIFA Code of Ethics (FCE) announced today by the chairmen of the adjudicatory and investigatory chambers of the independent Ethics Committee, Hans-Joachim Eckert and Cornel Borbély.


The request and proposals are in line with the ongoing FCE revision process started by FIFA and the Ethics Committee in 2013. We are dedicated to improving FIFA as an organisation, and will continue to strengthen its governance and accountability. Our work in this area continuously evolves, and we are focused on achieving the highest standards for the international football community.


The current version of the FIFA Code of Ethics was drafted in cooperation with and was approved by the Independent Governance Committee (IGC) in 2012, following a proposal from the Task Force Ethics Committee established at the time, as part of FIFA’s reform process initiated in 2011.