The latest update to EA's mobile version of FIFA 15 on iOS

fifa15coins Date: Apr/22/15 10:34:12 Views: 1123

The latest update to EA's mobile version of FIFA 15 on iOS has brought with it an unexpected change -- support for the Apple Watch.


The iOS version of FIFA is centred on the Ultimate Team aspect of the game, which allows players to create their dream football team. The wrist-worn offshoot will deliver notifications to your watch face and allow you to manage player transfers on the go.


It's limited functionality to be sure, but one that should allow players to keep up to date with their progress in small bursts without having to dive into the full game. It's also worth considering that smartwatch development is still in an essentially experimental phase, and user feedback once devices are in their hands -- or on them, as it were -- will influence future updates.


The core iOS version of the game also gets an overhaul with the update. It can now automatically provide a starting line-up of top players from your collection, and let you know which ones you might be erroneously ignoring. The simulation mode now lets you select custom balls (stop giggling), and highlight unlockable gameplay features such as boosts and tactics more clearly.


Conveniently enough, Apple's entry into the smartwatch arena launches this Friday, so FIFA players won't have long to see how the changes affect their game. That does, of course, depend on them getting an Apple Watch. Given shipping delays are already being reported for the hotly anticipated gadget, it may be some time before smartwatch gaming in any form really kicks off.


The first Darkness Zone in this Strike is easy to get through; just advance slowly and take out anything you get eyes on before you push forward. The three-wave Vex fight that follows is a bit trickier; some like to hang out on the cliffs near the entrance to this open-air arena, but your best bet is to run to the ketch that's parked across from where you enter the space. Nothing even tries to attack you there, and Ice Breaker's regenerating ammo makes quick work of everything. (Editor's note: The ketch strategy won't work if the whole party camps there. Bungie confirms that it's a bug, not a feature. Check out the Reddit thread for alternate approaches and Bungie's tweet on the matter here.)


It's best to use caution in the section after the Vex fight. It's possible to use the speeder bikes here, but you're better off hoofing it and sniping anything that's in front of you. The rainbow burn makes it very difficult to simply speed past this section. Just take it slow and you'll be fine.


For the final showdown, use the small rocky corridor and ledge that you drop down into the room from as a "home base" of sorts. Enemies don't typically chase you to the base of the ledge, and they never jump up. It's tough to hit anything from this safe position, so be sure to communicate with your Nightfall companions to make sure there's always one person out of harm's way.


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