The Official TV Commercial From FIFA 15

fifa15coins Date: Apr/25/15 10:59:00 Views: 1165


Football is the world’s greatest drama and FIFA 15 will put fans center stage. 


FIFA 15’s TV ad, ‘Feel The Game’, featuring Barcelona star Leo Messi shows how players will be so close to the action they can literally feel every tackle, shot, and pass. 


Immersed into the game’s world, FIFA fans experiencing everything that the players feel. Fans are plunged onto the pitch for an in-game view of the action, separated only by a thin television screen while the action also seeps into their environments; if it rains in game, it pours in their loft, and when a player receives a crunching tackle, the FIFA fan takes the impact and falls across the room.


Leo Messi plays too. Even one of the world’s greatest football players feels the same emotion playing FIFA 15 as he does in real-life matches. 


Captured over a day’s filming in Barcelona, below you can see exclusive behind-the-scenes images of FIFA 15’s global cover star.