The soundtrack to the new Goals of the Week video for FIFA 15

fifa15coins Date: Jun/22/15 22:31:24 Views: 1016

FIFA 15 is the kind of video game that has created a massive fan community that will stay loyal to the title until the sequel arrives and the development team at EA Sports has managed again collect some of the goals that the players have managed to create in one video.


At the moment football fans can enjoy the Women's World Cup and the Latin American tournament but no real world players can deliver the impressive dribbling and shots that gamers who understand the mechanics of the game can create.


The soundtrack to the new Goals of the Week video for FIFA 15 is offered by Silent Noise Parade with Fears.


EA Sports says that it will continue to offer a lot of support to the current installment of the sim, even if most of the resources are not focused on FIFA 16.


The new title will be launched on September 24 on the Xbox One, the PC, the PlayStation 4 and older home consoles.


The development team has announced that it will upgrade a lot of the core mechanics in order to make sure that FIFA 16 is more realistic and gives players more options both in attack and defense, with Play Beautiful the new slogan for the series.