Women's National Teams With FIFA 16

fifa15coins Date: May/29/15 21:41:25 Views: 1087

Today, EA Sports are proud to announce the inclusion of Women’s National Teams to FIFA 16. As one of the most requested features in recent years, this is a huge milestone for both our franchise and the sport.


FIFA 16 features 12 National Teams, including eight of the top ten nations currently in the FIFA Women's World Ranking. They will be available to use in Match Day, Offline Tournament Mode, and Online Friendlies. 


Over the course of past few months, EA Sports worked with each federation to capture head-scans, facial features and hairstyles of all the players included in-game. In some cases, this meant taking our mobile headscanning unit to a number of different tournaments and events around the world.


Additionally, EA Sports invited members of the Canadian and US national teams to our Capture Lab in Burnaby, BC to record player movement and help in the development of new player models.


For more on Women’s National Teams in FIFA 16, be sure to check out our dedicated features page. There, you can view some behind-the-scenes capture work and read our Q&A with Alex Morgan of the USWNT.