FIFA 15 Online access problems and EA Sports is trying to solve these problems

fifa15coins Date: May/19/15 10:34:25 Views: 994

The development team at EA Sports is announcing that, at the moment, FIFA 15 is experiencing problems with the connection to its online features on all platforms on which it is available, although it is unclear how many gamers are affected by the issue.


The official Twitter account of the series says that EA Sports is aiming to solve the problem but does not mention a clear ETA and does not offer any advice for those who are affected.


When FIFA 15 has problems with access to online modes, which includes the very popular Ultimate Team, the development team tends to provide clearer details in order to make sure that the player community knows what to expect.


Recently, the company has performed maintenance in order to improve the stability and the overall security associated with the game.


EA Sports has also said that it wants to eliminate all cheaters and fifa coins sellers from FIFA 15 in order to make sure that Ultimate Team is fair and balanced for all those who are interested in it.


The company is testing a range of changes for the Ultimate Team experience that might form the basis of the mode in the coming FIFA 16.