FIFA 15: How Swansea City's newcomer Andre Ayew

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Swansea City's latest signing Andre Ayew is getting the Jack Army very excited... But just how good is he? If you want to buy more players, buy fifa coins that might make you more convenient.


The 25-year-old is said to have everything he needs to become a hit at the Liberty Stadium and many have already predicted that he will soon become a fans favourite. He's making all the right noises, talking about his desire to help 'make Swansea better' but where does he fit into the first team?


Based on player stats in the FIFA 15 computer game, we've compared Ayew head-to-head with the players he will be competing against for a place in the starting 11 at the Liberty.


Pictures: Here's what the FIFA 15 stats say...


Jefferson Montero v Andre Ayew


A quick glance at the stats will tell you the obvious about Montero, he's quick! He's rated 88 for pace, but Ayew is no slouch rated 81 and he's a highly rated dribbler (80) meaning he's more comfortable with the ball at his feet than the Ecuadorian (78).


The new-man starts to come out on top in terms of physicality and defensive work, whilst his shooting is also superior to Montero's. At 5ft 9", Ayew is not the tallest around but he's still taller than the wingers at Swansea. He's got a great leap on him and he is prolific with his head.


Where is Ayew better?


  • Jumping: AA (92) - JM (69)
  • Stamina: AA (86) - JM (74)
  • Ball Control: AA (80) - JM (77)
  • Heading: AA (79) - JM (46)


Where is Montero better?


  • Acceleration: JM (89) - AA (79)
  • Sprint Speed: JM (88) - AA (82)


Wayne Routledge v Andre Ayew


According to the FIFA stats, Wayne Routledge is a liability defensively (35), which puts him on the back foot because Ayew is rated almost double that. Again physicality is an issue for the incumbent, but Routledge is quicker (83) than his new team-mate and he is a more balanced runner (87).


Ayew has got a better engine than the 30-year-old, which could be usefully when it comes to tracking back.


Where is Ayew better?


  • Heading: AA (79) - WR (33)
  • Aggression: AA (77) - WR (35)
  • Stamina: AA (86) - WR (69)
  • Finishing: AA (72) - WR (68)


Where is Routledge better?


  • Dribbling: WR (82) - AA (79)
  • Acceleration: WR (84) - AA (79)
  • Balance: WR (87) - AA (81)


Bafetimbi Gomis v Andre Ayew


Unsurprisingly, Ayew is quicker over the ground than Gomis (71) but some of the other comparisons might surprise you. The Ghanaian (78) is more physical than Gomis simply because he is stronger when challenging an opponent, even though Bafe's strength is rated higher.


Defensively Ayew is better than his new team-mate, and he's also better with the ball at his feet in terms of passing and dribbling.


Where is Ayew better?


  • Jumping: AA (92) - BG (73)
  • Agility: AA (86) - BG (59)
  • Ball Control: AA (80) - BG (76)
  • Acceleration: AA (79) - BG (68)


Where is Gomis better?


  • Finishing: BG (82) - AA (72)
  • Strength: BG (81) - AA (73)
  • Shot Power: BG (83) - AA (74)


Gylfi Sigurdsson v Andre Ayew


The Iceman is not the quickest, so he obviously lags behind the 25-year-old when it comes to running in a straight line. In fact, when it comes to most physical attributes Sigurdsson comes in second, but he's a more technically gifted player than most, including Ayew.


He's a better passer of the ball and is a dead ball specialist, which brings him back on level terms with Ayew. But once again Ayew's physicality is just enough to see him edge it.


Where is Ayew better?


  • Jumping: AA (92) - GS (70)
  • Agility: AA (86) - GS (68)
  • Sprint Speed: AA (82) - GS (68)
  • Aggression: AA (77) - GS (56)


Where is Sigurdsson better?


  • Free-kick Accuracy: GS (84) - AA (56)
  • Long Shots: GS (82) - AA (74)
  • Shot Power: GS (85) - AA (74)


Nathan Dyer v Andre Ayew


We all know about Dyer's pace and so do the game developers! They've got him rated 92 and there aren't many faster. The Englishman is also better at shooting, but again it's his physicality that lets him down.


Ayew is rated higher defensively, he's a better passer and is more physical than the Swans favourite.


Where is Ayew better?


  • Heading: AA (79) - ND (31)
  • Crossing: AA (79) - ND (63)
  • Strength: AA (73) - ND (52)
  • Aggression: AA (77) - ND (68)


Where is Dyer better?


  • Acceleration: ND (93) - AA (79)
  • Balance: ND (95) - AA (81)
  • Sprint Speed: ND (91) - AA (82)