FIFA 15: Update missing for Martin Odegaard transfer

fifa15coins Date: Feb/13/15 15:26:03 Views: 1238

Last month, we spoke about the possibility to EA transferring Martin Odegaard to Real Madrid on FIFA 15, after the young player made the move in the January transfer window.


EA has been very quick to update all of the other player transfers that happened at the end of January, but for some reason there has been a delay in moving Odegaard over to Real Madrid.


The player is 16 years old and we initially assumed that it would be no problem in adding him into the game as any other standard transfer.


Given his age though, it appears that this may have caused a delay in putting him in Madrid’s squad, whether that be due to licensing, or some other reasons that haven’t been disclosed.


We can see that FIFA 15 players are also constantly asking EA when Odegaard will be added to the game and it does pose the question on whether EA are planning to wait until FIFA 16 instead.


Are EA delaying because they have been told to wait until Odegaard is playing in Madrid’s first team? How would you feel if we don’t see the player until FIFA 16 – can you wait that long?